EXPO 2010 was themed ‘Better Cities – Better Living’.  The Ireland Pavilion set the creativity of the Irish, their ancient history and vibrant modern culture into the context of a small but beautiful island.  The lantern-like building reflected the mercurial light of an Atlantic climate. Martello used immersive images, video walls and multiple projections to transcend language.  Successive galleries presented the climate, landscape, settlement patterns, people, lifestyle, urbanism, architecture, economy, produce, art, architecture, and literature of Ireland.  These threads were woven together in the climactic immersive audiovisual gallery.  

Over six months the pavilion was visited by three million people. It was one of four out of 250 international pavilions to receive a ‘Model Pavilion’ award from the Chinese authorities. It was also awarded a Bronze Medal from the Paris based BIE (Bureau International des Exhibitions) the World EXPO co-ordinating body.

  • IDI Design Awards – Best Exhibition Design 2010