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Visualisation of audio visual 'pod' in which visitors can hear witness statements.

Proposed treatment for classroom windows.

Richmond Barracks


Martello are currently working on a new exhibition that will be housed in the only buildings that remain from the original Richmond Barracks in Inchicore. Richmond Barracks will open in early May 2016.


Following the surrender of the rebels at the end of the Easter Rising in 1916, almost 3,500 people were arrested. The majority were held in Richmond Barracks, which had been a British military headquarters for over 100 years. Court Martials were held here for the leaders of the Rising, and sentences were handed down, including the death sentences.


But the story of Richmond Barracks is more than just the link to the Easter Rising, and the exhibition will not only tell the story of 1916, but also the British Military Story and what happened in the area and to the people who lived and worked in the buildings following Irish independence, including the tenements of Keogh Square, the homes that replaced them, St Michael’s estate, and the school that occupied what remained of the barracks. The exhibition will commemorate and celebrate both the people and place over 200 years of history.




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