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Exhibition title.

Interactive screens explore the stories of Galway's involment in the Great War.

Graphic panels line either side of the room.

A shell from World War I.


Galway City Museum: Galway and the Great War


Martello Media were appointed by Galway City Museum to design a number of exhibitions for them, including “Galway and the Great War” which opened in 2014 and features a number of individual stories of people from Galway who lives were affected by World War 1. Some are individuals who had served at the front, others are stories of those left behind, making it a deeply personal exhibition, which resonates with the people of Galway and visitors alike.


Martello introduced a concertina structure on two long walls, that breaks up the regular nature of the room and rewards exploration – the reverse sides of the panels are not visible until you move further into the space, allowing us to juxtapose portraits and biographical descriptions.


The overall graphic approach results in a somber and respectful mood, with the sparse use of bright accent colours throughout. Clean, structured typography conveys these stories in a clear, crisp manner. The single interactive touchscreen allows visitors, who are looking for more information, to delve deeper into the exhibition’s stories, letters, posters and artefacts.



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