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HMS Belfast

The multitouch displays allowed multiple players from all angles to collaborate on the game.

Two members of the original mission, on which the game is based, revisit the Operations room.

A family working together to hunt for the missing sunken plane.


HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is a large light cruiser which saw action in both the Second World War and the Korean War. Now a branch of the Imperial War Museum, its exciting Operations Room immerses visitors in the sights and sounds of an exercise as it happens, inviting them to take control of a fleet of ships and even take part in a mission to salvage parts of a plane downed in the sea.


Capturing the excitement and urgency of the Operations Room in action, the interactive experience (designed and installed by Martello) is inspired by Pony Express, the code name given to a major exercise of 1961 in which HMS Belfast played a leading role. The exercise to rehearse large-scale amphibious landings involved 60 warships, 20,000 naval personnel and 6,000 British, US and Australian troops off North Borneo in the South China Sea.


The Operations Room is the first historic area of the ship to be opened up and brought to life in this way and aims to engage and intrigue visitors with its mix of authentic audio and visual features. Both individuals and small groups can take over the plotting table which uses simulated radar to show the position of other ships and aircraft involved in the salvage mission. Visitors are invited to make decisions about HMS Belfast’s movements and, in doing so, activate a range of stunning effects including the sound of helicopters landing on board.


Phil Reed, Director of HMS Belfast, says: "We're very excited about this dynamic addition to the ship and we hope the new Operations Room will really help people understand what life was like on board. HMS Belfast is already a firm favourite with families and we're certain the interactive Operations Room, which is at the very top of the ship, will soon be a high point of everyone's visit."


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