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Large quotes were screen printed directly onto the walls.

The audio visual pod contains a series of Churchill's most important speeches.

The extior of the pod with a timeline of famous quotes.

The gallery contained 60 artefacts from the Churchill Archives.

Churchill's Nobel medal for literature, citation and bow tie.

Hitler had a way with words too.

Touchscreens allow the visitor get more information about the artefacts on display.

A pre-visualisation of the gallery in the final design stages.


Churchill, The Power of Words


The Churchill: The Power of Words exhibition in New York’s illustrious Morgan Library illuminates the origins of Winston Churchill’s oratorical skills and distinctive speaking style; his links with the United States; and showcases the speeches that influenced America to join the Second World War, using key documents from the Churchill Archive.


The exhibition makes clever use of the limited space available. A three-screen, curved audiovisual pod allows visitors to hear Churchill’s most famous speeches, with powerful images framing the minimally-animated words, presented with Churchill’s original indents and line breaks.


Two touchscreens allow visitors to delve into each of the exhibition’s eight chapters, bringing up letters, books and photographs for detailed examination. To make this digital treasure trove more accessible, Martello designed an interactive “transcriber” that lets visitors turn Churchill’s handwriting into typewritten words.


The three-country collaboration resulted in a smash-hit success: the exhibition doubled the previous visitor record at the Morgan Library.


Award Highly commended at the IDI Design Awards 2012 for Exhibition Design

Award Highly commended at the IDI Design Awards 2012 for Interactive Design


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