GPO Witness History

Dublin’s iconic GPO (General Post Office) was the rebel HQ during the Easter Rising of 1916, – the pivotal event in modern Irish history.  The new visitor centre is the flagship project of Ireland’s Decade of Commemoration 2012 – 2022.  It describes the events that led to Irish independence through the eyes of participants from both sides, and bewildered bystanders caught in the middle.  

Visitors are immersed in the action by: original artefacts,; video, and audio booths; and interactive challenges.  The dramatic central wraparound audiovisual space puts visitors right inside the GPO at critical moments.  The final gallery explores the evolving relationship between the two Irish states that emerged from the rubble.  Visitors are invited to record their aspirations for the next 100 years.

“It is an extraordinary achievement, an historical challenge with has been transformed into a reconciliation centre which also poses questions for the future.”
European Museum Academy

“…is in a different league in its technical sophistication, storytelling and staging.”
The Irish Times